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Kenosha Engineering

Wind Power Energy

Special Wind Power Accelerator

The present invention ‘Planetary Drive Assembly’s does not have the fixed inner gear ring in conventional wind turbine accelerators. Oppositely, it is a rotatably cylindrical shape with positioned the dual-inner gear rings. The shape is substantially hollow.

The huge torque generated from wind propeller blades does not work directly on planetary gear shaft because of unique structural features. Meanwhile, the load is evenly allocated to inside all gears of the drive unit skillfully. Therefore, our invention improves the service life of wind turbine about several times by eliminating common failure point in conventional wind turbine design, which can promote the benefits for wind power station.

electric vehicle logo

Electric Vehicle Transmission

New Patented Technology that will disrupt the industry.  Currently the electric vehicle industry is trying to solve their problems with lithium battery technology.  Our technology allows electric vehicles to compete with combustion engine vehicles through a new mechanical engineered transmission decelerator.

Suspended Gear Decelerator

Suspended Gear Decelerator

Our first ground breaking international patent.

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