Wind Power Invention

Special Wind Power Accelerator

Wind Energy Invention

We have patented a US invention called the “Planetary Drive Assembly,” which is also known as the “Special Wind Power Accelerator.” Our patented technology can greatly improve the service life of conventional wind turbine designs. One of the most important characteristics of our invention is that the drive unit of the wind turbine has only 10 gears. With the same number of gears, the speed ratios can be designed at any speed ratio from 1:10 to 1:1000.

In conventional wind turbine designs, the huge torque generated by multiple wind propellers is directly applied to the first planetary gear shaft and gear bearing through the first planetary stanchion. This torque is then distributed to the sun gear and the fixed inner gear ring in the first gear train. This is why the gearbox of conventional wind turbine designs is more prone to failure. However, in the gearbox of the wind turbine designed by our invention technology, the huge torque is directly transferred to the first planetary gear train through the rotatable hollow cylindrical shape. The pressure does not act directly on the planetary gear shaft but is instead evenly distributed to all gears of the drive unit. This is a significant departure from traditional wind turbine designs.

We are currently seeking partners for the sale of our patent or license, and we encourage interested parties to contact us at their convenience.